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Introducing Dynamic Relationships

Sophia Xing
August 01, 2023
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Have you ever wished you could build and deepen your relationship with NPCs over multiple gameplay sessions? Whether you wished that you could become better friends with a merchant character or deepen the enmity between you and a game boss, most video games don’t have the mechanics to enable that. 

Now, picture a dynamic gaming world where your interactions with NPCs can evolve over time. This is exactly the gaming environment that Inworld's relationship and player profile features are set to create. 

Inworld’s Relationships feature

It's not uncommon for players to develop strong bonds with their preferred NPCs. Imagine interactions with NPCs weren’t static but instead dynamically influenced the gameplay. For instance, rudeness from a player could transform an NPC into your nemesis. Or displaying kindness could lead to NPCs revealing hidden game secrets or fostering a more meaningful relationship with you.

Inworld’s Relationship feature is set to redefine NPC interactions and the entire gaming experience! It allows for the development of relationships between NPCs and players across sessions. 

Two types of relationships can be formed – Friendship or Romance, with progression determined by a player's actions. Actions can either foster trust with an NPC through kindness and assistance or diminish it by being disrespectful or unkind. Game developers can customize the pace at which players can progress through these stages with each NPC, giving rise to characters eager to befriend you or stubbornly remain your nemesis. 

Every interaction with an NPC is numerically scored based on factors such as Trust, Respect, Familiarity, Attraction, and Flirtation, determining the relationship category the NPC and player find themselves in.

How this fits into our Contextual Mesh

Inworld’s Dynamic Relationships feature is part of our Contextual Mesh, one of the three core parts of our product. It works to create customized and more engaging experiences with the AI NPCs that remain in-context and in-world. 

Our Contextual Mesh includes these key features: 

  • Configurable Safety
  • Relationships
  • Personalized Player Profiles
  • Fourth Wall

See it in action

Wondering what you can do with our Relationships feature? Create a character in Inworld’s studio and or check out our docs to find out.

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