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I'm excited to see Inworld-powered characters bring more life and personality to games. Once you have characters that can remember you, your interactions, and express nuanced emotion, the possibilities for more immersive experiences are endless.

Nate Mitchell
Co-Founder of Oculus and Co-Founder & CEO of Mountaintop Studios

 Inworld AI is powerfully pushing forward the types of experiences possible within interactive worlds like cinema and games by enabling creators to develop intelligent characters who naturally interact, emotionally behave, intuitively learn and individually express who they are in ways we’ve never seen.

John Gaeta
Creator, Inventor, Executive
The Matrix Trilogy, Lucasfilm ILM X LAB, Magic Leap and more

The Inworld platform is super easy to use and has integrations with virtually everything. I can seamlessly go from building the character on my computer, to popping on my VR headset and interacting with it, to pushing it in-game.

Tima Anoshechkin
Founder & CEO of Alta

Inworld AI is at the precipice of the future of human-robot interaction. Engaging in conversation with AI until now has never come this close to passing the Turing test. By bringing virtual characters into the Metaverse, Inworld AI is blurring the lines between what's real and what's not.

Alan Smithson
Co-Founder of MetaVRse

Believable NPCs with unique personalities, memories, and experiences are really important to storytelling and roleplaying in games. With Inworld, you can easily create these virtual characters, making true world-building even more accessible to devs and player creators alike.

Matt Schembari
Co-Founder and CEO of Lightforge Games

Adding the complexities of the human mind to virtual characters is going to bring disruptive changes to almost every aspect of our life, especially the future education, which I care about the most.  I can’t imagine a better team to be working on this - they are the veterans of the ML and AI space.

Dr. Li Jiang
Director of Stanford AIRE (AI, Robotics and Education)
Director of Stanford AIRE
(AI, Robotics and Education)


Inworld provides a creative suite that offers a powerful and intuitive way to build interactive AI characters. Create engaging characters whose lifelike, engaging, and expressive personalities are designed to mimic the deeply social nature of human interaction.

Create: Inworld Studio

Use natural language prompts and simple controls to configure your character’s personality. Take things deeper by describing your character’s backstory, motivations, memories, base of knowledge, speaking style, and voice.

Powering everything behind the scenes is Inworld Engine: 20 machine learning and artificial intelligence models that are designed to mimic human gestures, speech, safety, emotion, and memory.

Play: Inworld Playtests

Just like characters from stories you know and love, Inworld characters don’t start out fully formed. Refine them by jumping straight into a conversation through studio chat or in VR with our Oculus application.

Share: Inworld Integrations

Once your characters are ready to make people laugh, smile, and maybe even cry, it’s time to deploy. Characters can be deployed into games and virtual worlds using comprehensive packages for common engines like Unity and Unreal.

Build: Inworld Studio

Inworld Studio allows creators to build any intelligent virtual character by simply explaining the character in natural language. When crafting their character’s brain, creators are able to use the Studio to tailor many elements of cognition and behavior, such as goals and motivations, manners of speech, memories and knowledge, and voice.

Test: Inworld Oculus App

Once trained, characters are immediately ready to interact and test. Users can jump straight into a conversation through the studio chat for testing. Even better, Inworld’s companion Oculus application allows users to have a truly immersive VR interaction with their characters.

Deploy: Inworld Integrations

Once ready, developers can then fully integrate characters into their games and experiences using Inworld’s integrations. We offer comprehensive packages for common engines like Unity and Unreal, and a flexible API to allow developers to bring our characters to any experience, regardless of the platform.



Enable richer gameplay with NPCs that are goal-driven, adaptive, knowledgeable and fun

Metaverse Platforms

Bring entire worlds to life with onboarding characters, world guides and agents, and an always-present virtual population


Grow your presence in immersive worlds with AI-powered brand representatives and agents

Inworld AI’s characters unlock a variety of new experiences

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