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About Inworld


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AI characters will transform everyday life — from virtual worlds to the Westworlds of our imagination. We’re making the stuff of science fiction real.

AI that is designed to mimic the deeply social nature of human interaction is complex work. Our role at Inworld is to do the heavy lifting so that creators can do what they do best: tell stories, and design unforgettable experiences.

Our History

Inworld was founded by leading experts and pioneers in the fields of conversational AI and generative models. Our founders previously launched the highest rated independent voice assistant in the world and API.AI, a conversational AI platform that was renamed Dialogflow after being acquired by Google. Dialogflow is now the most popular conversational AI platform in the market, used by millions of developers.

We have assembled a team of engineers, designers, inventors, creatives, scientists, and technologists who are also leading experts in their fields. Together, we’re building technology that will transform pop culture, entertainment, human-to-machine communication, and immersive experiences.

Meet the team

  • Ilya Gelfenbeyn

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Michael Ermolenko

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Kylan Gibbs

    Chief Product Officer

  • John Gaeta

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Alesya Naberezhnova

    Head of Recruiting

  • Evgenii Shingarev

    VP of Engineering

  • Florin Radu

    Head of BD

  • Monica Tran

    VP of Marketing

  • Oliver Louie

    General Counsel

  • Nathan Yu

    Director of Product



Backed by industry leaders

  • Crv
  • Intel Capital
  • First Spark Ventures
  • Microsofts Venture fund
  • Section 32
  • Kleiner Perkins
  • Disney
  • Bitkraft