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Introducing Personalized Player Profiles

Sophia Xing
August 01, 2023
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Fantastical worlds and captivating narratives create opportunities for deep immersion. Yet, the Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) populating these game worlds often fall short. Their interactions with players remain impersonal with NPCs behaving exactly the same towards all players – no matter what role they’re playing in the game. 

What if that didn’t need to be the case? What if NPCs could instead tailor their conversations to each individual player? This is exactly the gaming environment that Inworld's player profile feature is looking to create. 

Inworld's Personalized Player Profiles Feature

Inworld’s Player Profile feature is set to add unprecedented personalization to NPC interactions.  Players can include details such as their name, age group, role, gender, and additional custom fields that developers can incorporate into the game. These details could include critically important things like their home kingdom in a fantasy world to relatively trivial things like their favorite pizza toppings in a social game or their opinion on the ruler of a sci-fi universe.

This information allows NPCs to engage with players in more personalized conversations, significantly amplifying the believability of the game world and player immersion. This personalization also directly influences gameplay by impacting how NPCs react to player actions and decisions.

Want to see it in action? Meet Nuro, a robot NPC who believes robots are being exploited by humans. Nuro's reactions differ based on whether the player has stated they detest robots or champions robot rights in their profile.

How this fits into our Contextual Mesh

Inworld’s Personalized Player Profiles feature is part of our Contextual Mesh, one of the three core layers of our product. It does all the hard work of ensuring all interactions with the AI NPCs in your world are in-context and in-world. 

Our Contextual Mesh includes these key features: 

  • Configurable Safety
  • Relationships
  • Personalized Player Profiles
  • Fourth Wall

See it in action

Wondering what you can do with our Personalized Player Profiles feature? Create a character in Inworld’s studio and find out.

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