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Inworld AI and Liquid City join forces for an Apple Vision Pro experience

Joana Flor
February 08, 2024
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At AWE last year, we presented Wol in collaboration with Liquid City and Niantic 8th Wall, showcasing how interactive AI characters can create engaging and captivating educational experiences. Now, we’ve teamed up with Liquid City to power Wisp World, a spatial app developed specifically for Apple Vision Pro. 

Wisp World was built using Inworld’s Engine, together with Unity and XCode, and demonstrates the creative potential for game and app developers to craft evolving characters and compelling user-centric experiences that bring worlds together like never before.

Introducing Wisp

Wisp World is a living forest that serves as the residence of a charming spirit, powered by our Engine. This spatial app marries your physical surroundings and a serene virtual world for a captivating experience via Apple Vision Pro.

The Wisp's charm lies in its unique persona that combines the wisdom of an old sage with the energy of a young child. The character was designed to be a delightful companion, who possesses an uncanny ability to form a deep connection with you through entertaining conversations and thought-provoking questions. Each conversation with Wisp also contributes to the noticeable growth of the forest, which is a primary part of the experience’s game mechanics.

Experience dynamic character changes as you form a deeper connection

Wisp surpasses the limitations of a traditional AI assistant or companion through its ability to form progressive relationships. You’re able to unlock an increasingly rich and knowledgeable version of the character as you deepen your relationship with Wisp throughout the 10-level journey. 

Wisp’s character evolution was achieved using Inworld’s character Mutations feature, which dynamically changes Wisp’s motivations, its relationship with you, and its knowledge of the world at different levels - all triggered by your conversations. Our Knowledge Filters also keep Wisp in-character and prevent typical AI hallucinations that can break immersion. 

Experience Wisp for yourself!

Download Wisp World in the App Store today to chat with Wisp!

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