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Teaching kids English with AI tutors in LG U+’s Kidstopia

Florin Radu
June 23, 2023
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Growing up in the 90s, I relished my visits to the computer lab, where we played games like Oregon Trail and Dr. Brain. These gamified learning experiences were engaging and the hands-on, experiential learning helped me retain material better.

As these experiences move to virtual worlds like the Kidstopia metaverse launched by LG U+, AI has an important role to play.

LG U+'s Kidstopia helps kids learn

Kidstopia, available to kids aged four and older, was created in collaboration with experts in education and game development. Kids in South Korea will be able to use the platform to learn English with the help of AI tutors, in addition to talking to other students for more practice.

Incorporating educational content into gamified experiences can make the learning process more enjoyable and motivate students to actively participate in their education. Inworld has also powered learning experiences from Niantic, where an AI-powered owl introduces enthusiasts to the redwood forests.

Inworld lets developers configure their AI characters to speak in ways that fit their world – no matter if their game is rated for everyone or more mature audiences. Users of our Enterprise plan can access custom safety configurations to ensure interactions don’t compromise your company or brand. 

Inworld's commitment to safety

While we allow flexibility around topics like profanity, violence, adult topics, alcohol, substance use, politics and religion, we never permit things like hate speech or encouraging self-harm.

Developers can learn more about Inworld’s safety policies and our Enterprise plan, which offers enhanced configurable safety, co-development, custom features, and discounted usage pricing. 

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