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Inworld Engine

Enable dynamic AI-powered gameplay

Increase player engagement and introduce novel gameplay dynamics with Inworld Engine. AI NPCs can learn and adapt, deliver nuanced performances, perceive the world around them, and autonomously initiate actions based on players' decisions.

Multimodal expression of personality


NPCs that can see, hear, and sense the world around them

Characters have the ability to perceive and react to the world around them in real-time. Whether it's detecting changes in the environment, recognizing player emotions, or adapting to evolving scenarios and game states, AI agents bring a new level of depth and immersion to gameplay.

  • Automatic speech recognition and comprehension
  • Visual recognition of environmental elements such as objects, characters, and events
  • Ability to process inputs like haptics, game state changes, and more


Multimodal cognition, reasoning, and memory

Shifting from scripted dialogue to dynamic, player-driven narratives is just the first step. Inworld AI NPCs adapt to player behavior, learn from interactions, and create a living, breathing game world.

  • Configurable personality, knowledge, memories, and dynamic emotional states
  • Built-in hallucination control
  • Relationship management and orchestration for multiplayer games and AI-to-AI interactions
  • Autonomous goals and internal motivations

Hallucination Control

Our Knowledge and 4th Wall features allow you to specify what your character knows and render them within the logic and lore of their worlds.

Configurable Safety

Safety, content, and quality filters ensure your game's content is appropriate for your audience.

Multi-Character Orchestration

Enables multiple characters and players to interact at the same time without losing coherence.

Goals and Actions

Intent recognition and motivations can be used to trigger character reactions to player behavior – and drive interactions in gameplay.


Expressive and nuanced character performances and actions

Inworld-powered NPCs can take actions in the game world, and deliver performances that mimic human behavior and expressions. Enrich gameplay by responding to players' decisions and interactions.

  • Initiate actions and dynamic game states based on intents, motivations, and triggers
  • Multilingual text-to-speech, ASR, and expressive voices
  • Synchronized gestures and animations

APIs & Integrations

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